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How Do You Value An Airplane?

At Aerosellers, our brokerage understands the importance of accurate and reliable aircraft valuations. To determine the value of an airplane, we utilize a combination of market comps and VREF ( data. Market comps involve analyzing recent sales of similar aircraft in the same region and condition to determine market trends and prices. VREF, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive database of historical sales data for aircraft of all types and conditions.

Our team of experienced appraisers will carefully review the aircraft's specifications, maintenance records, and other relevant factors to determine its value. We will then use this information to generate a detailed report that includes a market-based value estimate, as well as a VREF-based value estimate. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients receive an accurate and unbiased assessment of their aircraft's value.

In addition to these standard valuation methods, Aerosellers also offers a free professional aircraft appraisal service to our clients. This appraisal is conducted by one of our experienced appraisers, who will physically inspect the aircraft and review its maintenance records to determine its current condition and value. The appraisal report will include a detailed breakdown of the aircraft's value, based on both market comps and VREF data, as well as any other relevant factors.

At Aerosellers, we understand that accurate valuations are essential for our clients to make informed decisions about their aircraft. That's why we use only the most reliable and comprehensive methods to determine an aircraft's value, and why we offer our appraisal service for free to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you determine the value of your aircraft.

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